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General Terms of using

General Terms of using the
Thank you for using our product and services. Using them you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully.
1. Rules
1.1. Introduction
1.1.1 . The site is free and its purpose is serious dating to long-term relationships between users. To use the website, you must provide certain information about yourself and follow the rules of the site. So, it is necessary to read the terms of using Marked " I confirm  I have read and I accept the Agreement with users ' and clicking " Register " , you register as a user and declare that you understand and accept this Agreement and you will follow  the terms of using the website.
1.1.2. Using the site for dating is anonymous. There is no need  to type your name or surname . Simply enter the username. The username is not considered personal information and it is visible from all the site. You decide  when and  whom to disclose your identity . The information you provide is securely protected. By this statement, you signify your desire to give us the necessary information online by completing the registration form , and then , at your request , you can expand your information in your personal profile and do the tests.
1.2. Registration
1.2.1. Registration and using is FREE. 
1.2.2. Each user of register by completing the registration form , providing the information requested. To use the site you must be over 18 years old
1.2.3. You can have only one profile on the site. has the right, but not the obligation  to block and delete duplicate profiles without notice, to disclose information for the usernames of all accounts that violates this finding rule.
1.2.4. To register online you must enter a valid e-mail address by which to confirm your registration. Please, enter accurate information about yourself in the starting data - name, gender and date of birth. This data is necessary for  using  the website and it can not be changed after registration. In case of the definite establishment of faulty intput data, your account will be blocked.
1.2.5. It is forbidden to create profiles under false or stolen identity, to enter false or misleading personal information in your personal profile 
1.2.6. It is forbidden for you to type in your profile: addresses, phone numbers, names, trademarks, trade names, site addresses, email addresses, ICQ numbers, SKYPE names or other means of communication.
1.2.7. IT is forbidden using  the profile  for advertising.
1.2.8. It is forbidden to enter the text with sexual content in the profile.
1.3. Delete registration
1.3.1. In case of finding any of the foregoing disorders, we have the right to delete your account
1.3.2. In the event that an account is not used more than 3 months, we have the right to delete your registration.
1.4. Correspondence
1.4.1. The site provides the technical capability to conduct e-mail and chat.
1.4.2. It is forbidden to send spam messages and advertisements.
1.4.3. It is prohibited inciting religious hatred, racist propaganda, political activities, dissemination of pornographic materials.
1.4.4. It is forbidden intimidation, insults and  using of profanity and foul language in private messages.
1.4.5. You are personally responsible for your interactions with other users on the site. We do not intervene in communication and action between individual consumers ,and, in the event of a conflict with another member of the site  with this "user agreement" you release us from any any kind of responsibility for the claim, complaints or damage /direct or indirect /.
1.4.6. If you feel that a user violates the rules, click on the link "block" or report the controller. Do not abuse this link
1.4.7. In the event that a user violates the rules of the site administrator can erase or block his account without giving any explanations. If you think your account has been blocked without warrants, please, contact the  administrator site to clarify the problem.
1.4.8. It is forbidden to enter into another user's account by guessing the Password or otherwise, and thus violates the privacy of users of the site. If you register unauthorized access to your account, please, immediately notify the administrator site. Notify that upon entry or attempted entry into a foreign account, your IP address is recorded and it is visible to the administrator site.
1.5. Photos and Albums
1.5.1. You can upload your own pictures, which are displayed YOU in a way that does not violate social norms. It is advisable to see your face, and it is required for your avatar.
1.5.2. It is prohibited to upload pictures that are not yours. For example, photos of artists, public figures, pictures of people from dating sites, other websites, blogs or images downloaded from the Internet.
1.5.3. It is prohibited to upload photos with pornographic and sexual content, containing obscene gestures or postures, or those depicting violence, showing weapons or using alcohol and drugs.
1.5.4 The webmaster carries out continuous monitoring and he decides which pictures comply with the rules of the site.
1.5.6. AVATAR, the main photo
This is the main picture in your profile. It is mandatory to see your face.
You can create personal albums.
1.5.8. SIZE
You may upload photos only in JPG format up to 1MB.
2. Paid services
3. Relations with third party
3.1. may contain links in other pages too, or Internet resources. We have no control over their content, and we are not responsible for the content, products, services or information located on pages to which these links lead
4. Copyrights
4.1. The logo and site content are the exclusive property of and they are protected by the Copyright Law of the Republic of Bulgaria. You may not copy, reproduce, republish or distribute in any way the content from this site without written permission from the author.
4.2. Using our service does not give you ownership and intellectual property rights therein or the content to which you access. You may not use content from our services unless you get permission from us or if it is authorized by law otherwise.You may not remove, disguise or change the legal notices displayed on or in conjunction with our services.
4.3. Please, do not abuse our services. Do not obstruct or attempt to access them in any manner other than that provided by our interface and instructions. You may use the Services only as permitted by law. We can suspend or stop providing services to you if you misbehave or do not follow the rules of the site.
4.4. Our services show content that is not owned The responsibility for it lies entirely on the subject which it provides. You may review content to determine whether it is illegal or violates our rules, and if we have sufficient reason to believe that is the case, we may remove or refuse to show it.
4.5. In connection with  using the Services by you, we may send you service or administrative messages and other information. You can opt out of some of them.
4.6. By using our service you agree that may use information provided by you in accordance with our privacy policies.
5. Your Intellectual Property 
5.1. Some of our Services allow you to submit content. You retain all intellectual property rights  you have for it. In short, what belongs to you,it remains yours.
6. Modification and termination of our services
6.1. We are constantly changing and improving our services. We may periodically add or remove functionality or features, and to suspend or completely stop any service. You can stop using our Services at any time , although we'll be sorry to see you go . may also cease to provide the Services or at any time to add or create new restrictions on them. We believe that your data belong to you and maintaining your access to them is important. If we stop some service, when it reasonably possible, we will warn you within a reasonable time and we will give you the opportunity to get back information from it
7. Responsibility for our Services
7.1. Where permitted by the law, not liable for lost profits and revenue, financial loss, or loss of data, as well as indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damages.
7.2. In all cases not liable for any losses or damages, which are not reasonably foreseeable.

8.  Dispute Resolution

8.1 Any dispute between the parties to these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by

direct negotiations between them. Failing agreement each party

may refer the dispute to the competent court.

9. Applicable law
9.1. In the application and interpretation of these Terms, as well as unsettled
matters, applies Bulgarian legislation.